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Do You Have the Right Tools to Dig Into Spring Gardening? |

As surely as winter turns in spring, people will have been looking forward to planting gardens and digging landscape projects around the garden for a long time. That is why we opted for research from that 34 experts in the field of gardening gathered to find their opinion on the best tools needed to make your garden look stylish in 2018. [19659002] One of the most popular tools touted for gardeners is a mattock, used for clearing the soil, removing stones and excavating deep roots that create roadblocks.

Composting is another way in which homeowners can promote environmental responsibility. Making compost can now be much easier if you use a shredder. Although a leaf shredder can be used mainly for shredding small leaves and twigs, recommends buying a shredder if you want to chop and shred branches. Jennifer Nelson says that gardening can become a tricky and splintery business without the right pair of gloves.

Madaline Sparks on agrees that a good pair of garden gloves can be just as important a tool as a shovel or a rake, owning three pairs makes a multitude of tasks easier:

washable synthetic gloves – For general maintenance, such as deadheading, weeding in dry soil and handling seeds, the thin fabric and close fitting allows fingers maximum dexterity.

Latex-coated cotton gloves – For dirty, wet tasks, such as picking up leaves or planting bushes, and working with thorny plants (the latex coating is puncture resistant)

] Heavy-duty leathe r gloves – For difficult jobs, such as digging holes, cleaning the brush and carrying firewood

Brendan Huggins from Moore Farms Botanical Garden ( ) says that pruning shears are one of the most used tools in the garden, and are often one that people cut short, but a high quality set of pruning shears can last a lifetime.

Huggins proposes searching for replaceable blades, a sturdy lock, a replaceable spring and a place that you can buy easily replacement parts when deciding what to buy pruners.

Kirk Laminack from Moore Farms, on the other hand, says that a Japanese plant hoe is an ideal addition to your garden arsenal when it comes to loosening soil and removing weeds. 19659002] For the latest real estate news and trends bookmark

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