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Hey REALTORS®, Have You Given Yourself a Good Googling Lately?

Before you google yourself, let us look at how you could appear in the search results BECAUSE you are a REALTOR®

Go to Google and search REALTORS® in my neighborhood (all around me, local, whatever … you understand the idea)
Based on the IP address of your computer, Google shows the results in your area.
The search results contain a map – with markings of agents and offices in the city. 19659002] Are you on that card?
What about the results for More places (at the bottom of the list)?
Is your office on the list? (It should be!)

Would not it be great to appear competitive here?

HERE IS HOW : Claim and verify your company here:

>> Some more serious tips:

  • Your real estate agency can displace your efforts to claim the address of the office.
    There can only be one company at that location. It is therefore best to use a home office location or a specific suite number if possible.

Once verified:

  • Add photos, including your headshot, logo and images used in your other brand.
  • Reviews received! Make sure some favorite customers visit the page and leave some 5-star reviews. Google also retrieves reviews from Facebook and Yelp.
  • Share content (blog post, quick insight, etc.), post it – make sure you refresh something.
  • The background / cover image for your company profile is currently set to 1086px at 611px.
    Maybe you need a designer to help you with this, or go to and work out something smooth.

Another quick tip! Place your business directly in Google Maps.
Zoom in on your physical location and right-click on the area where you want to be located. There is an option to “Add a missing place”
If your company profile has been verified (see above) and the address matches the location you pick up, you can simply fill in and break the quick form! your business will appear on Google Maps.

That’s enough to get you on the Google results charts, unless all your competitors have read this post too.

If you think the above tips are useful, you really have to subscribe to future updates .
Upcoming posts contain information on how to best improve and use your personal Google profile – you do not want to miss it !

Now, if only your website that appears when you google, your business represents as professional as you think it should.
We can help!
Send us a message and we will make you look great with a website makeover!

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