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No More Close Calls – Campaign Update

By: Toronto Real Estate Board

We continue to make progress with the campaign & # 39; No More Close Calls & # 39; and have received a successful amount of attention from both the media and the campaign website,

Recently, Global News appeared earlier this week to cover the Don Mills Road and the intersection of the Kern Road as part of the live news from Global News in the evening. You can view the news coverage here: . The dangers of this intersection were also discussed in Metroland Toronto, where you can read more about this: .

This level of media attention for a local problem is definitely a reflection of how important this problem is for the public, employees, children and surrounding businesses.

This junction, where there is no traffic light, has a history of accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles. TREB and surrounding organizations will continue to demonstrate traffic risks until the city of Toronto takes action.

We ask for your help to pass this message on to the decision makers who will put an end to the traffic hazards in this busy intersection.

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit the website of the campaign to easily send an e-mail. The website does all the work for you!

Remember that every e-mail counts! Do not wait for a serious accident or loss of life to cause the city to make a change, be the change NOW! Thank you for reading and for your expected help.

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