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Peel police board appoints 2 new deputy chiefs

Peel Regional Police has two new deputy chiefs.

Superintendents Marc Andrews and Ingrid Berkeley-Brown were appointed by the Peel Police Services Council on Friday (February 23).

They join deputy chiefs Dave Jarvis and Chris McCord as second-in-commands.

Police board chairman Sue McFadden said Berkeley-Brown and Andrews bring a lot of experience and expertise into their new roles.

"Deputies Andrews and Berkeley-Brown bring depth and breadth of expertise and experience in community policing, diversity and inclusion, budgetary responsibility, mentoring and strategic management," McFadden said when announcing the appointments.

The board was looking for a replacement for deputy chef Brian Adams after retiring in December, but found "That both deputies Andrews and Berkeley-Brown stand out for their skills, experience and expertise." In collaboration with Chief Jennifer Evans the board determined that they would promote both candidates, which would put the total number of deputy police chiefs in Peel at four, "according to a press release announcing the agreements.

Up to now, Peel Police has had three deputy chiefs, but with the announcement on Friday, the service now has four.

With the final contract of Chief Jennifer Evans, which expires in October 2019, the agreements can be a sign of succession planning by the board.

new deputies will be sworn in at a ceremony in March.

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