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People in Toronto smashed Drake CDs to protest fur

Dozens of animal rights activists gathered outside of the North American fur auction market in Toronto Wednesday for a “ anti-fur flash mob ” that Drake’s name literally dragged through the mud (and fake blood and waste juice .)

The protest, organized by the End Fur Farming campaign, was attended by about 50 people, many of whom carried props and signs when they made the Etobicoke furling facility ] [19659004] Demonstrators gathered in #Toronto yesterday to protest @Drake & # 39; s support to the fur industry

– blogTO (@blogTO) March 1, 2018

“We ask participants to throw Drake albums, memorabilia, Drake pictures, etc. into a garbage can in protest of the star support for animal abuse,” read a Facebook description for the event.

“We intend to use Drake’s celebrity status to attract media attention to the animals that are still suffering from the last of the 40 fur farms in Ontario.”

Anti-fleece activists directed the music of Toronto mogul about his support of retailers who use animal fur for fashion – especially Canada Goose, whose Drake OVO clothing line has been working together with .

As part of their demonstration, demonstrators lined up to film pieces of Drake themselves, one by one.

“Okay Drake, we have a message for you from Toronto”, one of the leaders of the group calls in a video released today. “Be a role model for animals, stop killing them and wear them on coats, because people are going to throw your albums in the trash.”

Surrounded by signs with messages like “Drake Fur Shame” and “YOLO: So they did that also, “he continues by defeating a jewelery box from Drake’s 2013 album Nothing Was The Same .

Protester Malcolm Klimowicz, who claims to have been arrested along with three others at yesterday’s event, has set up an online fundraiser to cover legal costs for members of the group were accused of forbidden terrains.

“After months of research that exposed animal cruelty to 5 Ontario mink farms, people from across the county protested at NAFA (North American Fur Auction) in Toronto, Canada,” reads the fundraising page.

“Despite a heavy police presence, activists were able to infiltrate the facility and disrupt the auction,” he continues. “This successful campaign led to the arrest of 4 people (including myself) on charges of forbidden territory.”

At the time of the press, $ 500 was raised for the demonstrators, less than 24 hours after the event in question.


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