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Significant growth coming to Peel

In the next 23 years, Peel will add the equivalent of a city the size of Hamilton to the region, says Adrian Smith, acting director of growth management for the Peel region.

"All three municipalities can expect to see significant growth," Smith told a group of 35 people who attended an open house in Brampton on Thursday evening, February 15. But he added that creating complete communities is a fundamental aspect of the planning process.

Past Smith said that Peel has chosen a linear approach to planning. But now, while the region has plans for the addition of 500,000 more inhabitants in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga, the region is taking a more integrated approach.

The official plan provides a framework for leading decisions on growth and development related to environment, natural resources, employment, health and housing. The plan must be revised every five years to comply with the provincial plans.

Mark Head, the research and analysis manager for the Peel region, said the turnout at the other public events was good – with 70 to 80 people visiting the Caledon open house February 13 and another 50 attending the open day of the Mississauga on 12 February.

The financial aspect of planning for growth is a major driver, Smith added, and the official plan includes $ 9 billion in expenses, including $ 6 billion in new infrastructure. Peel will also update its development costs to ensure "growth pays for growth."

As part of the official update of the plan, Smith said that Peel is also developing a long-haul transport plan and a master plan for water and waste water that will cost $ 4 million.

"It's the biggest part of the pie," Smith added with regard to the water and waste water plan. "But it is an important part of the infrastructure."

In addition to the prediction of the population, the official plan also contains employment forecasts as part of the planning process. Getting people to work and back home is an important aspect, Sabbir Saiyed, manager of transport system planning.

However, with the provincial announcement not to proceed with the GTA West Corridor route, Smith said that the Peel region scheduled the legally required meeting for Thursday, February 22, so that employees have time to review the province's decision. A new date for the meeting will be announced.

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