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Innovation4D Blog Series – NanoCnet

Innovation4D connects the venture capital community with SME’s working in the Xerox Research Center of Canada & # 39; Innovation Hub. This premier event offers guest speakers, a tour through a state-of-the-art pilot installation, pitch sessions and networking opportunities.

Since 2013, the Xerox Research Center of Canada has been supplying an innovation center in Mississauga, Ontario. With the help of its hub partners – RIC Center and GreenCentre Canada – they have developed an ecosystem that focuses on advanced materials, advanced production and Cleantech.

The city of Mississauga is a proud sponsor of the Innovation 4D and would like to visit the six innovative companies participating in the program.

NanoCnet :

NanoCnet is a company that shows great innovation and business growth in the larger region of Toronto. NanoCnet works closely with the Xerox Research Center and is the featured company this week.

NanoCnet introduces a new generation of silver conducting nanomaterials for flexible electronics applications. Transparent conductive inks with high electrical conductivity and thermal stability can be fabricated with NanoCnet & # 39; s NanoSilvex. Compared to typical silver nanostructures, the synthesis process of nanomaterials from NanoCnet is faster and takes place at room temperature, which significantly reduces costs compared to traditional silver nanowires and increases their durability and flexibility. The unique features of their product make it a superior option for the next generation of electronic devices, including touch screens, displays, sensors, antennas, smart windows and transparent heaters and circuits


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