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McDonald’s billboards in Toronto getting worldwide attention

Whether you are hungry, homesick, or upright in an urgent need for a bathroom, a few things are more exciting to see on the side of a highway than one of those exit signs with a McDonald's logo on it.

The Canadian marketing agency Cossette decided to play on this sense of sign-induced comfort and nostalgia for recent work that it did on behalf of the fast food giant.

If you live in Toronto, you may have elements of the campaign around town – perhaps above Ventures Car & Truck Rentals on Dupont or opposite Bassline Bar on Bloor Street and Roxton Road.

 McDonalds Billboard Toronto Four gigantic McBillboards have been installed above high-traffic areas over the GTA, but they are not your standard open 24 hours, 3 miles away & # 39; traffic signs – and the cleverness with which they are conceived, this week attracts the attention from all over the world.

"McDonald's Canada has launched a playful new campa ign with agency Cossette that proves how recognizable the logo is," writes the very popular creative industries website DesignTaxi .

The campaign, called "Follow The Arches," uses only certain parts of the iconic Golden Arches logo to create completely unbranded targeted billboards that somehow can not be recognized as anything other than McDonald & # 39; s ads.

 McDonald & # 39; s billboards Toronto "We've noticed that everywhere in Canada, from big cities to small towns, you could find signs leading to the nearest McDonald's," read a message about the campaign on the website of Cossette. "This campaign is a nod to those characters, but with a nice visual twist."

It's unlikely that most people who see these billboards actually need directions to their local McDonald's locations, but it's still a cute concept. 19659002] The marketing agency says it hopes to focus on "people who are on the road and may need a little reminder that the next McDonalds are only turning left or right."

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