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New Wage Subsidy Program Launched To Assist Newcomers In Canadian Biotech Companies

BioTalent Canada has announced a new pilot project for wage subsidies aimed at increasing diversity in the Canadian bio-economy. The project promotes the growth of the industry by placing internationally trained professionals (IEPs) who have been designated as BioReady TM for employers who want to build more varied and inclusive workplaces.

BioReady ™ Paid Internship Program partly funded by the Government of Canada’s Foreign References Program (FCRP), will receive more than $ 479,000 to accept 35 IEPs in the next two years to facilitate the acquisition of highly qualified newcomers to their first professional Canadian work experience. The project also helps another 50 IEPs to recognize their skills by achieving the BioReady ™ designation of the BioSkills Recognition Program from BioTalent Canada.

The BioSkills Recognition Program is a competency match program designed by BioTalent Canada, where individuals can match the skills they possess to one of 32 industry-approved online skills profiles. Once entered, the skills portfolio is verified by a professional Canadian professional. If the individual’s portfolio of skills is in line with the skill profile, the person is referred to as “BioReady ™” for that particular profile. For newcomers, the Canadian designation can help greatly in overcoming their biggest hurdle in finding a job: gaining Canadian industry experience. For many health professionals, it is also an alternative career path for those licensed in Canada for medical or pharmacy professions, and would like a route to use their scientific skills in Canada.

To read the article that can be found on BioTalent, click here .

Companies interested in applying for wage subsidies are encouraged to contact BioTalent Canada on .

About BioTalent Canada [19659007] BioTalent Canada is the HR partner of the bio-economy of Canada. As an HR expert and a national nonprofit organization, BioTalent Canada focuses on building partnerships and skills for the Canadian bio-economy to ensure that the industry has access to jobs that are ready for the job. Through projects, research and product development, BioTalent Canada connects employers with jobseekers, provides HR information and skill development tools, so industry can focus on strengthening biotech activities in Canada. For more information go to .


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