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Peel waste cart conversion comes as a surprise to townhouse residents

Residents of a Mississauga mansion complex in Ward 3 seek answers from Peel – after a decision to exclude their homes from waste collection on the basis of cars was reversed.

Sherry Irwin and Lynda O & # 39; Rourke, who live in mansions on Rathburn Road and Fieldgate Drive, say that the region told them in 2015 that their mansions are in a special location & # 39; and that residents had to keep using bags for collecting waste. [19659002] But in January residents received a letter from the region in which they said they received new refuse trucks for use during the week of 5 March.

"The report came out of the blue," Irwin said.

People in these mansions have very little storage space in their garages, she said, the carts are ugly and detract from the value of her house. Irwin does not want to store the garbage truck in front of her mansion.

The storage of waste outside is not even permitted by its mansion complex business, Irwin added.

"Most people do not have room to place a car on their porch," said O & # 39; Rourke. The houses in the area were built in 1978 and have very narrow garages.

"The conclusion is that it is simply not practical," Irwin added.

After residents had contacted Ward 3 Coun. Chris Fonseca about their concern that the rollout of the lorry in their area was postponed.

"Employees deploy site inspections to explore all options at the moment," Fonseca said in an e-mail.

The region says it has almost converted 30 percent of row houses in Coun. Fonseca & # 39; s department, 610 units from 2.239.

These locations are all completed in 2017, without any problems, said Renee Wilson, spokesperson for Peel, in an e-mail. "So far we have never heard from residents about concerns about storage or set out."

In January 2018 Peel received a few questions about terraced houses that are equipped with carts this year. Some residents expressed concern about switching to refuse trucks and others expressed concerns about a possible delay in switching to garbage trucks.

"In other words, some are worried about the conversion while others embrace it," Wilson added.

On 8 December 2016, the municipality received a report from Peel's public works stating that they would make progress with the conversion of locations from collections to sacks to carts. The goal of the staff was to collect at least 50 percent or 19,000 mansion units by the end of 2018 on the basis of cars.

Waste percentages from the 2015-35 strategic plan of the Peel Region show the percentage of waste disposed of landfill, 2010-16 is less than 2019 targets. Peel has a target of 52 percent diversion waste in 2019 and 74 percent in 2034.

The region met on 26 or 27 March, but Irwin said the date did not work for the residents. Irwin says that they want to show the staff of Peel "there is virtually no room" to store waste and to ask for advice or help.

Irwin says she also has "several outstanding questions" for Peel.


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