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By: Tim Syrianos

As the national housing week comes to an end, I am very proud of the work TREB and our REALTOR® members have done to raise awareness of important housing issues in the Greater Toronto region.

Early this week in Toronto, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the Liberal Government's National Housing Strategy and the role the federal government must play in housing. Prime Minister Trudeau said: "Property rights are human rights, everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home."

Canadians believe in the pride of home ownership and in helping others achieve the same dream. Adequate housing is fundamental for society and the housing market plays a key role in our local, provincial and federal economies. National Housing Week is the perfect opportunity to have a conversation about these important housing issues and needs.

As you can see from the photos posted here, a number of volunteer representatives of TREB Member REALTOR® met a large number of MPPs at Queen's Park. Volunteer Members provided information on the state of the housing market, as well as information on a number of important public policy issues relating to housing.

TREB is of the opinion that it is important to contribute to the development of public housing policy. That is why, in the past year, we have given priority to working together with all levels of government because they have considered various government measures that are relevant to housing markets.

In recent months TREB has participated in provincial and municipal housing working groups to help formulate policy to keep home ownership and home ownership affordable and accessible.

In addition to actively participating in these working groups, TREB will continue to contribute to the housing policy by providing valuable information, dialogue and evidence-based data on the major housing issues facing the Greater Toronto Area, including consumer accommodation intentions in our annual market overview and Outlook January 30, 2018 will appear.

Look for more information about this report in the coming weeks!


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