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You can now keep hens in your backyard in Toronto

Starting today, people with backyards in neighborhoods like Parkdale, Leslieville, Bloor West Village and the beaches can have their own chickens to worship and / or eat things that come from them.

It's a good time to be an animal lover in Toronto, my friends – and every morning an even bigger time for farm-fresh eggs.

The new Urban HensTO pilot program running from today until March 2, 2021, makes it legal for residents of Section 5 (Etobicoke shore of the lake), 13 (Parkdale-High Park), 21 (St. Paul & # 39; s) and 32 (Beaches-East York) to "keep up to four chickens for pleasure and egg production."

There are strict rules, of course, when it comes to possessing farm animals in such a huge city – one of them has to do with the sex of your birds.

chickens (roosters) are banned all over the city, as are "cute and fluffy chicks" under the age of four months old.

Before four months the city said it is impossible to say whether a chick is a chicken or a rooster. People may also be more inclined to leave a chick at this age when it becomes (slightly) less adorable.

In addition, chickens can only be used for personal egg production and entertainment. You can not kill and eat these chickens, and you can not give away or sell the eggs that they supply.

Potential chicken parents must live in a house or mansion with a backyard, live in an eligible area of ​​the city, build a coop in accordance with local zoning plans and register their chickens at the town.

also a limit of four chickens per property, although the city suggests to keep at least two "since they are social beings".

Congratulations, urban farmers, and good luck. I can not wait to see someone bringing a chicken to the vet on the TTC.
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