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A Major Bylaw is About to Change in Mississauga


When the bad weather strikes – especially when the weather is of the unexpected variety – everyone suffers.

But sometimes apartment and apartment tenants and residents suffer more.

Unusually warm autumn last year (a surprise after a disappointing cool summer) caused complaints of building residents who suffered in the sweltering heat because the air conditioning was shut off in accordance with seasonal standards.

In response, the City of Mississauga researched its adequate heat state rule to ensure that landlords can be flexible in case of unexpected weather.

The current regulation stipulates the following:

The wording of the existing regulation is therefore rather specific in terms of when the heat should be turned off. That is why alderman Carolyn Parrish of Ward 5 introduced this motion to change it, which states:

Now the city is asking residents to agree to the regulation.

“The city of Mississauga is looking for input from the public and stakeholders, including tenants, property managers, owners and contractors on recommendations for adequate heat registration”, the city said in a statement.

Two meetings to discuss positions, possible changes and recommendations on the regulation will take place this month.

The city says it plans to investigate the following questions:

  • If refrigeration provisions would be added to the regulation at the expense of the owner?
  • Should air conditioning be considered as an essential service?
  • Do the dates in the adequate heat service have to be flexible?

Residents are welcome at the following meetings:

Community Workshop: Ideas and options for the Adequate Heat By-Law

Date: Thursday, March 8
Location: Frank McKechnie Community Center, Auditorium 1 and 2, 310 Bristol Road East
Time: 19 – 8.30 pm

Community Workshop: Review and test options for adequate heat source

Date: Wednesday, 28 March
Location: River Grove Community Center Youth / Senior Room, 5800 River Grove Avenue
Time: 8 – 9.30 pm [19659003] For more information citizens can e-mail statutes [dot] enforcement [at] mississauga [dot] ca or call 3-1-1.


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