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American Burger Joint Closes Down in Mississauga

Unfortunately, a burger joint in the south of Mississauga is closed.

A sign on the door indicates that the lease has been terminated due to late rent. It is dated March 2, 2018.

Unfortunately, the American export of Bray & # 39; s Hamburgers seems to be closed.

The relatively new resto has just opened in August 2017 and was located on Lakeshore Rd. E., just east of Port Credit. Bray’s is actually a 65-year-old chain from Michigan, so it was a unique addition to the city’s food culture.

The resto offered everything from classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers to hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and a huge breakfast menu. Bray was usually known for his specialization in nostalgia and bringing back the hamburger from the fifties.


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