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Deontay Wilder escapes KO, then KOs Luis Ortiz in the 10th round

Deontay Wilder, almost finished and got up in the seventh round, held the dear life and then came back three rounds later and knocked out Cuban slugger Luis Ortiz with an attack of powerful right hands Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY Wilder retained his WBC heavyweight title and remains undefeated at 40-0 (39 KOs).

Ortiz, 38, suffered the first loss of his career when his record dropped to 28-1 (24 KOs).

Wilder agreed that this was the signature victory of his career that he desperately needed.

"The most absolute," said Wilder. "Luis Ortiz was a champion who avoided everyone. I wondered why it took him so long to get a title shot, and we know the reason why now."

"He did a great fight, he was a big contender, and my hat goes to him, I and he had a lot in common, his daughter was bothered by something and my daughter suffered a bit, two fathers in the ring who fight for our daughters, you will not get better than that. "

Ortiz was disappointed, but knew how dangerous Wilder might be.

"I kept to the clues that my corner gave me, and in this sport every punch could end the fight," Ortiz said.

Wilder (39-0, 38 KOs) hopes that his victory will give him a chance to unite all four heavyweight heavyweights against the winner of the Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker unification bout on March 31 in Cardiff, Wales.

"I'm ready when they're boys, my goal is to unite and it seems like they're not in a hurry to fight me," said Wilder, "because I'm the most dangerous man and the meanest man on the planet. , and this solidifies my position at the top of the food chain .. Soon there will be a champion … and he goes by the name of Deontay Wilder. "

Here is a round-by-round update of the long-awaited most important event.

Round 1 : Wilder looks much more trimmer than Ortiz, the lightest of his career. Ortiz, the left-handed, haunts Wilder, who pricks. Ortiz prints Wilder, landing combo & # 39; s .Wilder very wary of Ortiz's strength. Wilder goes to the body for the jabs. Teller to the left by Ortiz lands. The first round is over, Ortiz was the busier hunter and more often connected. Round to Ortiz.

Round 2 : Wilder has not yet done justice. Ortiz throws a left that misses and he goes to a knee he swung so hard. Ortiz blocks a Wilder right. Wilder may wait until Ortiz is exhausted, but the Cuban lands hard against Wilder, Wilder lands an opposite right hand but does not do much damage. but I give it to Ortiz. "2-0 Crowd is booing the lack of action.

Round 3: Wilder misses a right and a d Ortiz misses a left Wilder can not see Ortiz coming in to land something Remains at the puncture, Ortiz keeps his arms up Great combination through Wilder scores, Ortiz misses with a left and Wilder misses a wild right next to the bell Difficult to score, but Wilder's combo wins him 2-1 Ortiz.

Round 4: Near Ortiz lands and his reach advantage keeps Ortiz at bay, another right from Wilder, left by Ortiz, but Ortiz lands a combo. and left and right and Wilder pushes him in. Not much action, but Ortiz was the aggressor I give him the round 3-1 Ortiz

Round 5 : Wilder trying to establish his jab but a difficult time Wilder is missing with a wild right and Ortiz is countering with a combination Wilder has a hard time to get punches. Wilder lands a short right hand. Uppercut by Wilder misses, and Wilder lands a right that Ortiz drops the bell for the second time in his career. 10-8 round for Wilder. Wow!

Round 6: Wild action and both hunters go with full power shots. Wilder goes with another shot that lands. Ortiz counts a left hand. Wild exchange by the end of round 6. Both fighters now go for the knockout. Cheering audience. Wilder wins the round.

Round 7 : Fighters exchange explosions to start the round, Ortiz ends up with a powerful right-hand corner that stalks Wilder. Ortiz goes for the KO, but Wilder perseveres. He's in trouble, on the leg. What a round for Ortiz! Wilder barely escapes the round and he stumbles back to his corner. 10-8 around for Ortiz.

Round 8: Ortiz goes to the murder, but Wilder taps with a right hand. Wilder makes a backup. Ortiz dances around and looks much fresher. Land a right to the body. Wilder is in big trouble. Abandoned by Ortiz, Wilder strikes the ropes. Ortiz & # 39; s boxing qualities shown here. Another shot on the body of Ortiz completes the round. Another round for Ortiz.

Round 9 : This is by far the most difficult enemy Wilder has encountered. A real boxer perforator. Wilder withdraws, afraid of being hit. Wilder misses a wild right. Ortiz lands a big left, but Wilder lands a stiff jab. Wilder staggered Ortiz with a right hand and followed him by the bell. He hits Ortiz after the bell but the referee does not warn him. Wilder wins the round.

Round 10: Ortiz continues to land a high percentage of his power stamps. Wilder countertops. Then the 6-7 power puncher Ortiz comes down with a combination of left and right, while Ortiz beats the 10 counts. Wilder comes back and ends up with a vicious uppercut and it is over. Referee David Fields stops at 2:05 of the 10th. Wilder wins after he himself was almost crazy. What an end! What a change of momentum! What a finish for Wilder.

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