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Estate on Lake Ontario in Williamson is yours for under $700,000


A look at this Williamson house that is on the market for $ 699,900. (March 1, 2018)
Jamie Germano

Life on the lake seems peaceful and serene, but there are always surprises, said Williamson home owner Kim DeStefano.

12 years, They and her husband Tom have enjoyed their Lake Estate in Wayne County, watching the changing seasons.

"The view is always changing," said Kim DeStefano, 51. "You see dark clouds on the horizon before a storm, or the slow sloshing of the water in the winter snow. "

After having restored the house and enjoying all the beauty, the DeStefanos recently decided to bring their home to the market for $ 699.900. The time is ripe to be reduced and to a smaller place closer to the Her husband's work in Perinton, said Kim DeStefano.

They bought the house for $ 425,000 in 2006 and spent another $ 500,000 on the abdomen and redesigned the structure.The main entrance has a waterfall with a glass-in lead-mahogany door.The design kitchen is located in an open concept living space with a panoramic view of the lake from the high windows.

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More: Downsizing with the Alharts: Finding a house with the right fit [19659009] Right next to the main hall is a conservatory with cathedral pla fund and access to a terrace with a hot tub. That is another great place to take in the view of the lake, Kim DeStefano said.

There is 3,595 square foot living space on 3385 Lake Road on 1.85 acres. The house has a total of five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. There is a guest suite with a separate entrance and a small kitchen. There is even a kennel for the dogs indoors with a dog door leading to an enclosed outdoor area.

Hobbyists will love the garage with five cars attached to it. It is a place to participate in a hobby such as woodworking or water toys and a boat store.

With the concept of the lake in mind, the walnut floors in the large room are accentuated by a stone lazy river. The house is ideal for entertainment, host families and friends, said Kim DeStefano.

There is 142 feet of water frontage on Lake Ontario on the estate. You can view the sunrise and sunset on Lake Ontario, unlike the Finger Lakes where you choose the eastern or western side, said Realtor Rich Testa of Hunt Real Estate, the listing agent.

Testa markets the house locally and in cities such as New York and Boston. The price tag of $ 699,900 is very attractive to people in the biggest cities, because estates in the vicinity of big cities could cost millions, Testa said. The annual property tax on 3385 Lake Road is currently just over $ 19,000, Testa added. Because the house is high with a stone beach, the rising lake level was not a problem, Testa said.

Kim DeStefano has mixed feelings about leaving the family. She realizes that shrinkage is the right thing to do, but she will miss her life on the lake.

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