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French NGO asks Canada to probe African leaders’ real estate purchases

Montreal – The French NGO Sherpa called Thursday to investigate the purchases of Canadian property by African leaders and their relatives using so-called stolen wealth.

The Paris-based organization said it has asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for their illegally obtained gains. which are already under the supervision of the French authorities.

A spokesman for the RCMP said that the federal police were aware of the accusations, but would not comment further.

The Coalition Biens Mal Acquis, a Canadian group that has taken the case, confirmed to AFP that a criminal complaint has been filed with the RCMP.

The journal Journal de Montreal revealed earlier that "African dictators, other corrupt officials and people in their immediate neighborhood owned dozens of properties" in Canada.

It identified more than Can $ 30 million in property in Montreal, Ottawa and elsewhere in the country, purchased by these individuals, some of whom have acquired permanent residence.

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The buyers come from Chad, Congo, Gabon, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Algeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Coalition said it hoped that prosecutions would also focus on intermediaries such as law firms and banks that facilitated or helped these transactions.

Last year, a French court found the vice president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodorin Obiang, guilty of corruption. He had been accused of earning 150 million euros ($ 180 million) of public funds to finance his jet set lifestyle.

The prosecution was initiated in response to a complaint from Sherpa and another NGO.

Obiang was the first foreign leader to face prosecution under the French anti-corruption law of 2010.

France is currently investigating the wealth that the country has amassed by relatives of Denis Sassou Nguesso (Congo), the late Omar Bongo (Gabon) and deposed Central African president Francois Bozize. 19659019]

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