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Here’s How Much Mississauga Home Prices Have Risen in 5 Years


There are few subjects that are hotter than house prices.

The astronomical climb in real estate values ​​has been the talk of the city for years and not only for concerned potential buyers. In fact, all government levels are working to cool the market (which, to be fair, has rebalanced after a shocking rise in prices in the winter of 2017) by implementing stricter mortgage stress tests and imposing special taxes on foreign buyers and speculators.

Even the City of Mississauga has moved to encourage developers to make more affordable units .

But although it is difficult to say exactly what the market will look like in a year, it is interesting to reflect on how much it has changed over a period of five years., a Canadian real estate source, has analyzed how Mississauga’s house prices and house prices have risen over the past five years and dropped in its “Is Mississauga Real Estate” a good investment? “study.

As far as investments are concerned, it seems that the city is still a good place to park your real estate cents.

” Despite the decline in house prices after the Ontario Fair Housing Plan was announced last April, the homeowners of Mississauga have in the past five years still achieved a substantial return on their housing investment, with a profit between 41 percent and 48 percent in all housing types (detached houses, semi-detached houses, condo mansions and condo apartments), “the report reads.

Although that’s good for owners, it’s less encouraging for buyers trying to access the market.

Zoocasa, who made his calculations using data from the Toronto Real Estate Board, says that this 41 – 48 percent increase in real estate prices from January 2013 to 2018 exceeds the S & P / TSX index income of 27.5 percent with approximately 1.5 times the same period (based on S & P / TSX Composite Index closing values ​​of 15,951.67 on 31 January 2018 and 12,685.24 on 31 January 2013).

Here is an overview of the price changes: [19659003] Prices of a detached house in Mississauga Jan 2013: $ 687,429
Jan 2017: $ 1,181,365
Jan 2018: $ 1,022,125

1 year old change: -13%
5-year change: 41% (average 7% per year)

Average prices for a non-detached house in Mississauga Jan 2013: $ 435.995
Jan 2017: $ 732,747
January 2018: $ 686.115

1-year anniversary Change: -6%
5-year change: 48% (average 8% per year)

Mississauga Condo Townhouse prices [19659003] Jan 2013: $ 323,971
Jan 2017: $ 505,024
Jan 2018: $ 532,638

1-year change: 5%
5-year change: 43% (average of 7% per year )

Apartments of the Mississauga apartment prices

Jan 2013: $ 258.993
Jan 2017: $ 343.752
Jan 2018: $ 401 .358

1-year change: 17%
5-year change: 44% (average of 8% per year)

In five years, house prices rose by 41 percent – an average of seven percent per year. Interestingly, the price increase of condoms even surpassed, by as much as 44 percent between 2013 and 2018.

This indicates that condos remain a good investment, even if they become less and less affordable over time (although certainly $ 401,358) $ 1,022,125).

Are you planning to buy a house in Mississauga?

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