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Howland Green move ‘Beyond Net Zero’ in Markham

Howland Green Homes & # 39; new mission is simple: build Beyond Net Zero. This objective must be achieved in the town of Markham, where the company runs the Howland Green Business Center & # 39; develops, a commercial building that will produce more energy than it will consume. The first building of its kind in Canada, it could set a completely new standard for environmentally conscious development that goes beyond the current goals that Canadian developers need to meet.

  Howland Green, Business Center, Markham, Net Positive View of the Howland Green Business Center, image via Howland Green Homes Ltd

A forerunner in the Canadian & # 39; Net Zero Standard & # 39; of residential and commercial real estate development, Howland Green has been active in the field of sustainability, energy efficiency and resilience in their development projects in the Greater Toronto Area. This development, to be built at Cachet Woods Court near the 404 and 16th Avenue in the Markham, will serve as the business center for the company, offer unique office condo spaces to other businesses, and a major ecological leap forward for the environment & # 39; mean. and the construction sector & # 39 ;, says Dave de Sylva, founder and president of Howland Green.

  Howland Green, Business Center, Markham, Net Positive Map of Howland Green Business Center site, image via Howland Green Homes Ltd. [19659004] The energy standard & # 39; Net Zero & # 39; describes the self-generating ability of a building to produce energy through renewable, onsite resources. This practice has been increasingly realized in Ontario by a number of developers and Howland Green is a crucial example of such developments in the GTA. The GreenLife Center, The GreenLife Golden and the GreenLife Midtown buildings, all in Markham, are just three examples of the efficient and most advanced "Net Zero" buildings that Howland Green has built. Now they have a head start on the curve.

  GreenLife, Net Zero, Markham, Net Positive View of the Net Zero & # 39; GreenLife Midtown & # 39; in Markham, image via Howland Green Homes Ltd

To go beyond Net Zero, or to be & # 39; Just Positive & # 39; a building must generate more energy than necessary for its annual operation. According to the company, this movement & # 39; raises the bar. in development practice, not only with respect to ensuring a clean ecological footprint, but also in terms of economic efficiency by reducing high energy-related costs with less efficient buildings.

Howland Green's method of ensuring that this standard is offered in various forms, all combined to make the three-story building of 59,000 square feet with two levels of underground parking one of the most innovative developments in Canada. to make. The building will be fully powered by solar and geothermal energy and will be equipped with the latest geothermal technology for optimum energy-balancing control elements. The solar panels of the roof capture about 420,000 watts of solar energy and produce about 515,000 kilowatt hours of clean, green energy.

Howland Green, Business Center, Markham, Net Positive ” /> On the way to net positivity, image via Howland Green Homes Ltd

The building will be built with an improved isolated concrete shape, with the effect that the combined thermal resistance value of the building is significantly higher than the insulated formwork of typical buildings. In the same way, the insulation of the roof will exceed four times the normal building codes, effectively stopping any wasteful energy transfer. The windows will also be equipped with advanced glass fiber technology with significantly higher resistance and insulation value than standard multilayer windows.

For the energy surplus created by the building's different energy-generating devices, the building will have one of the first electric potential lithium-ion and pneumatic energy storage systems in Canada. In addition to the highly efficient, sensor-controlled lighting of the building, automated heating and cooling systems and an innovative water recycling system (which will harvest, recycle and conserve all the rainwater on site), energy storage can be distributed where necessary.

 Howland Green, Business Center, Markham, Net Positive Aerial view of Howland Green Business Center, image retrieved from Google Maps

We will return with updates on this development.

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