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New house, old neighbourhood after $800,000 rebuild

Two professionals bringing up two children in Toronto are busy enough, but at the same time have grown a house? The thought alone was enough to bring Benita Chan into a panic.

The pharmacist did not know whether she and her husband, optometrist Vince Law, had the stomach for such stress when their lives were already hectic enough. [19659002] "I was really nervous!", Says Chan, 43, about the reconstruction of the three-bedroom bungalow in North York that the couple bought in 2006.

While Law, 43, did his best to tell his wife to sell the bungalow and a larger house instead, she could not bear the thought of leaving the neighborhood they had been keeping in recent years.

Deer and fox are seen in their quiet cul de sac, hidden by the busy borders of Yonge St. and Hwy. 401, and their neighborhood rests on a leafy green ravine. Moreover, the couple's daughters, Kierstyn, 11 and Avery, 9, are friends with all their neighbors and their school is five minutes away

  DAN: the original bungalow of Chan and Law that they bought in 2006 for $ 480,000.
THEN: The original bungalow of Chan and Law that they bought in 2006 for $ 480,000. ( Photos & # 39; s courtesy of Walden Homes )

In 2014, after the house they had bought for $ 480,000 was paid off, the couple agreed that they would not go anywhere used to go. Instead, they finally got the courage to rebuild their house and add a second floor, plus a garage. The only thing that remains of their old bungalow are the outer walls and the foundation.

The family rented a house nearby and hired custom builder Walden Homes to tackle the project, which took 12 months and came with a final price tag of $ 800,000.

"It was very useful for us, they worked around our schedules," says Chan.

Much of the stress associated with such a large project was lit up by hiring the Toronto-based builder, she says. 19659002] Walden Homes brought architect Drew Laszlo and designer Cindy Van Ryn Snap Design & Contracting to work on the rebuilding and kept Chan and Law informed with all the quotes from the various fields.

"Everything was very transparent," says Chan.

Walden Homes owner Bruce Borden says that 90 percent of their business consists of customers who are very busy but still want to have a hand in the process. "

" It's a partnership right from the start, "he says." Our role is to try and learn a lot; so people go out to know what they can expect and once you know what to expect, you start to get some sense of trust; then the unknown becomes a lot less scary. "

  DURING: The roof was removed for the new second floor to rise from the original footprint.
DURING: The roof was removed for the new second floor to rise from the original footprint. ( ] Photos thanks to Walden Homes )

Because she had little time to run to different stores to see what she liked in the area of ​​fittings and accessories, Chan spent hours with sanding She would then show her favorite styles to Van Ryn, who would incorporate Chan's taste into her selections.

The couple agreed that they had a contemporary design in their new Chan says their favorite thing to ask the designer was: "Is there a square option?"

The rebuilt extension of the house from 1,100 square feet to 2,500 square feet – plus the 1,100 square foot basement. In addition to increasing the size of the house, Chan says she was adamant that the new house would compliment their lifestyle. "I wanted something practical that worked with the flow of our family," she says.

A mud room to "make the mess disappear" was at the top of her wish list and she is still enthusiastic about all the hooks, shelves and benches that keep her children organized. A central vacuum with kick sweep – or floor-level suction inlet – provides dirt, sand and salt before it can be pulled through the house. "My husband says it costs a fifth of the house!" Chan laughs.

  A mud chamber to make the mess disappear & # 39 ;, does the job with wall hooks, shelves and benches.
A mud room to & # 39; make the mess disappear, & do it work with wall-hooks, shelves and benches. ( Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star )

The law, the chief of the family, is plagued by insisting that it is possible on the largest island and that it is largest stove is possible for his chic new kitchen.

like its 10 foot, Quartzite sit-up island, the space now features a six-burner gas stove from Wolf.

White shakers and stainless steel appliances complete the space, which is the central hub for family and friends. "That's actually where we hang out, all meals and even guests, we're hanging there," says Chan. "

" My main theme was that it should be practical and easy to maintain, "she adds, admitting that she her husband's wish for marble tops.

"I even went to sanitary forums to see which brands would give you the least problems!"

  Vince Law is the chef of the family and has the wish list for the kitchen filled with a 10-foot sit-up island with quartzite counter and a six-boiler Wolf stove.
Vince Law is the chef of the family and got a kitchen wish list filled with a 10 foot sit-up island with quartz counter and a six-column Wolf stove Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star )

The new family home now has four bedrooms on the second floor, including a spare room, separate bedrooms for their daughters and their own luxurious master suite m There is a spacious walk-in closet and a private bathroom with underfloor heating, limestone and a freestanding bath.

Although the original design of the new house had no plans to build on top of the garage, Chan said they had chosen to pay the $ 35,000 for the extra room, including another laundry room and laundry facilities.

The family now also makes good use of the basement with a TV room, office, bedroom, bathroom, storage space and boiler room.

Sleek and modern with built-in storage, the family's room design resonates with the question that the couple has repeatedly asked their builder: & # 39; Is there a square option? & # 39; ( Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star )

Neighbors have complimented the exterior of the house because it is different from many of the other new construction projects.

Signs say that there is a mixture of aluminum siding, new brick, existing brick, stucco and some wood elements, all adding texture. "How it presents itself in a more contemporary way is to unify the color," he says.

Chan says she and her husband are proud to have survived the rebuilding with their marriage in tact. "You must have been married for at least 10 years to endure such a thing!" She says, adding her family is never moving again.

"My blood and sweat are in this house!"

  NOW: together with the original brick exterior of the first floor, the new family home includes new brick, aluminum siding, stucco and some wooden elements - all united with color and trim.
NOW: Along with the original brick façade of the first floors, the family new home includes new brick, aluminum siding, stucco and some wooden elements – all united with color and trim. ( Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star )


$ 2.2 million: Bank & # 39; s newest estimate of the new house

7: Times of the couple changed their size of the kitchen island [19659002] 39: Times they choose the square / rectangular or & # 39; sharper & # 39; option on round or curved option

3: Trips to the tile shops before Law and Chan gave up and postponed to the designer

6: Hours that Chan spent on sanitary forums to find reliable brands

5: Bathrooms in the house (including the powder room on the ground floor)

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