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Ohio Man Eats 115 Chicken McNuggets in Viral #MeVsNuggets NBA Challenge

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 126-117 Saturday night, but some of the more bizarre game-related highlights took place on Twitter in the form of the #MeVsNuggets challenge.

For the uninitiated Twitter user @WayneEmbrysKids is largely credited with starting the # MeVsNuggets challenge in 2011. The challenge is based on a simple starting point: Cavs fans try to eat at least one McDonald's Chicken McNuggets for every point the Denver Nuggets score during a Cavs vs. Nuggets game. For example, if the Nuggets scored 96 points, fans would have to consume at least 97 McNuggets to win.

This prompted a gastrointestinal nightmare for Akron, Ohio & # 39; s Joe Quinn, as ranked the Cavs as one of the worst defensive teams with a collective defensive rating of 109.8.

"The over / under for the Nuggets was 112," Quinn told Chris Pugh of the USA Today Network . "I had the feeling that I could do 100. My plan was to get up quickly, I was pretty quick down 55 but the Cavs had Denver 37 and 36 scoring in the first and second quarters."

Those who are Quinn Followed on Twitter, his pain felt in real time, while he tried unsuccessfully to keep pace with a Nuggets team that apparently scored at will. Quinn placed photos of his disused McNugget boxes and noted that the McDonald's employee who served him threw a few extras.

"Bro, I you gave an extra 10, Lue do not coach D ", said the employee reportedly Quinn, and took a stab on Cavs-trainer Tyronn Lue. 19659018] #MeVsNuggets

Any amount of defense will be appreciated #Cavs

– Quinn (@MindOfQuinn) March 4, 2018 [19659022] # MeVsNuggets

I hate Nuggets. Forever.

– Quinn (@MindOfQuinn) 4 March 2018

Quinn placed a final image of himself sprawled on a floor next to dozens of half-eaten McNugget packs. He managed to drop 115 McNuggets for a price of $ 38.99. He would probably pay the real price the next morning.

"I do not really eat fast food," Quinn told Pugh. "It makes me sick."

Perhaps the only thing more bizarre than Cavs fans who volunteer their guts to go viral is that the # MeVsNuggets challenge is only the second strangest food-related Cavs head this week .

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