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Raptors pick up a solid road win to keep rolling

He has done a great job by capturing and photographing alone, he has great screens – Jakob Poeltl leveled someone to give him an open mind just in front of the Wizards’ couch in the second half – and it was best on his yacht. 19659002] That is a skill that develops good shooters, knowing which routes to take to find space, knowing when to go exactly to get the timing of catch-and-shoot right and Miles was bang-on all night.

“I was kindly frustrated by missing a number of looks that I thought I had made and I was a bit off by getting angry,” Miles told reporters after the game.

“One missed shot turned into two in a row instead of being able to have only that short memory, and tonight I was just going to go on and keep doing everything I can because the ball is energized finds. ”

It was a great victory, in fact one of which they can rightly be proud of. Playing a team that was at home, equipped, on a hot strip and one that had caused them problems this season, could have been disastrous.

The slow start and the big shortage were just as good as the wizards who shot the lights and the Raptors unable to make a shot and the way Toronto rebounded from it was impressive.

Of course it means nothing if they do not sweep the two home games against Charlotte on Sunday and Atlanta on Tuesday, but this team did not take their foot off the gas too often this year and I can not imagine they will do it now .


To keep them in check

No doubt that Fred VanVleet had a difficult time shooting night, he was only two by nine of three points, but that can not reduce his contribution to victory. 19659002] The way he defended Bradley Beal was a huge factor in the outcome and tenacity of VanVleet and, as Dwane says, his “I do not give a sense of nonsense” was from the graphs.

It was a hard cover but he did very well; Beal had 23 points but had to make 19 shots to get them and VanVleet delivered an excellent performance by limiting his shooting range all night.

Just too cautious

No surprise Norm Powell got the start instead of OG Anunoby – it kept the second unit intact as Casey always does and it had him a Feel for the game.
The feeling was skittish.

A point in the third quarter perfectly illustrated that: Powell got a frighteningly wide open eye on a three point on the right, caught the ball in rhythm, dropped his feet and …

Passed to a more covered Serge Ibaka in the corner.

I can understand that Norm is a bit cautious and a little rusty, but he has always been willing to answer the call when he came and the last two games he just did not.

Another scoreless outing with a rebound in Washington, 11 minutes nothing in Orlando; they just do not play well enough.

I still think they should beat him with the starters tomorrow if OG can not go, but someone has to come to him and make sure he just relaxes and plays.

– [19659002] A surprise appearance

According to the struggles of Powell, Malcolm Miller was there at court for six first half minutes and he spoke out well.

I know that there are people at the top of the organization who are very enthusiastic about the possibilities that he offers for the future. And regular viewers from the G League tell me that he has been pretty good with the 905ers.

But …

When the Raptors entered the ball under Washington’s basket halfway through the second quarter, you saw Dwane gesturing Wilder to Miller to come in the far corner to set the game out of bounds.

Not sure if the message came through because the Raptors had to endure a time-out to do it right.

No problem at all and if Miller plays as he did all night, faith in him will be rewarded so much.


Even today the Raptors remain in the top five of the competition in free throws with 79.8 percent as a team – assimilated to a fourth place with the Memphis – but 20 guilders to 32 last night would have been disastrous if they had lost. [19659002] –

Collecting 24 assists in the game leaves the Raptors with a 38-10 record this season when they have 20 or more. They overshadowed only 34 times the last season.


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