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Toronto fitness club waits 40 minutes for police to respond to call for help – Toronto

Several clients of a fitness club in downtown Toronto were confronted with an unusual situation early Friday while trying to start their morning routine.

A man appeared for the first time outside the building in which Elle Fitness and Social is based at King Street West. He eventually went into the building, up the stairs and to the gym door only for women.

"We did not want anyone to come in and only be alarmed or cornered by him," Robyn Fitzpatrick explained, the studio manager.

"There were a few instances in which he got into the faces of a pair of girls who tried to physically block the stairs," she said

Fitzpatrick said she would go to hospital after six o'clock in the morning. The studio went to open it to morning classes, and put a call to the Toronto police around 6:20 PM, informing them of the man's presence.

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Cellphone video shared with Global News shows Fitzpatrick and a trainer in the studio opposite him. They apologize for the first time and inform him: "This is only a woman."

They repeatedly ask him to leave and let him know that the police have already been called and are on their way. In the beginning he replied: "That's OK," and finally she says: "You have to come with me."

Immediately both women respond forcefully, "No", and close the door.

According to Fitzpatrick, the man seemed distraught and talked to himself. Eventually she and a colleague entered the stairwell to personally guide customers to the studio, which is at the very top.

"When he was here, I was standing in front of him so that she could pass [customers]," Fitzpatrick said.

"I stood before him so he could do nothing and I feel better because I am aware of the situation and they just come in and they do not really know what they are dealing with." [19659002] In total she says that the police were called three times and it took 40 minutes for help to arrive. That came in the form of an apologetic officer, who said that the delayed response was caused by a change in shift work, according to Fitzpatrick.

Global News has asked the Toronto police for comments and received a phone call from spokesman Mark Pugash on Friday afternoon. . He stated that they were looking for what had happened, but that no details were available.

President of the Toronto Police Association Mike McCormack responded with a statement:

"Although the TPA can not confirm the details about this particular body, these types of stories have become too common. Due to understaffing, our members can not offer as fast as they would like.

We are so overwhelmed with stories as these that the TPA launched a collection tool on the [] website. If people who waited too long for the arrival of the police to share these stories, we hope that the public, together with our members, can influence municipal politicians, the mayor, the head and the TPSB to act on the basis of our shared concerns for the public safety. "

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