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EDITORIAL: As Trump plays economic hardball, Canada needs to pick up its game

The world has responded to the news that US President Donald Trump is planning a 25% rate on steel imports and 10% on aluminum in the United States.

This will undoubtedly have a punishing effect on the Canadian industry.

"In 2016, more than 10 million tons of steel, valued at more than $ 11.8 billion, were traded between our two countries, with Canada shipping $ 5.87 billion to the US (5.4 million tons) and the US shipped $ 5.96 billion (4.7 million tons) to Canada, "said the Canadian Steel Producers Association.

This one Trump decision could cost hundreds of millions of dollars and endanger some of the 22,000 jobs in the steel industry.

A number of American states were alarmed by this, understanding how connected their economies are with ours and can offer the best hope to have the Trump rock.

However, the federal liberals have voiced platitudes.

"We will always stand up to defend our workers and our industry, we have shown that C anada is quite capable of doing that," said Francois-Philippe Champagne Minister of Commerce.

He called threats to the fare, just like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, & # 39; unacceptable & # 39 ;.

While Trump can ratify this plan until April, Canada needs to mobilize its trading partners in the US, especially the northern states.

Apart from a trade war, which Canada could not win, there is little retribution available for us.

Here's the problem with Trump: He is serious about playing economic hardball and is clearly willing to do what is necessary. It is not about being loved by the worldwide cocktail circuit for him.

This is a reminder of what many observers said after Trudeau and finance minister Bill Morneau released their social justice budget on Tuesday.

Trudeau knew 358 references to gender in the document made almost no mention of NAFTA, reducing taxes for businesses and obtaining our natural resources on the market.

Canada is a great trading partner for the US, the number one trading partner for many states and the economy of this nation depends on a healthy trade relationship with the US

Trudeau must spend less time analyzing finance through gender -equity lens and more time understanding that Trump is not interested in lectures on feminist ideology.

Trump is desperate to save the American economy. Trudeau must do the same here.

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