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Mississauga teen who admitted to NYC terror plot asks for ‘second chance’

A Canadian who has admitted to a terrorist attack on New York City has pleaded for "a second chance" in Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy of Mississauga in the letter he sent to a court in New York on Friday, outlined his personal history with addiction and mental illness, and explained that he felt American air strikes against the Middle East drove him to jihadism.

The 20-year-old wrote that he felt that Americans were trying to disrupt the lives of people in the Middle East with air strikes and he thought "it was appropriate to use similar methods until and unless they stop."

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Teen Mississauga pleaded guilty in 2016 about alleged terrorism plot to attack New York

El Bahnasawy described his displacement threat with Western society, including "so-called democracy" and freedom. "

He said he chose to go to the US to carry out the plan, because Canada had recently stopped its air strikes, "and it did not seem logical to violate them in such cases, one way." [19659006] The police secretly arrested El Bahnasawy, then 18, in what they said was a conspiracy by Daesh sympathizers to attack New York City concert venues, subway stations and Times Square. He was arrested after his trip from Canada to New Jersey in 2016. The documents in his case were sealed more than a year when the police tried to track down his accomplices.

The authorities announced the accusations against him after two other suspects were arrested in Pakistan and the Philippines.

The Canadian did not specifically discuss the details of the conspiracy in the letter, instead focusing on why he decided to go to such extremes.

"My detailed reasons for this are in no way a justification for that I merely explain my thought process at the time," he wrote, adding that he no longer believes that extremism is the answer.

"There are many things in this world but I do not want to lose my life or the freedom to try and repair them, and I certainly do not want to use violence or damage to repair them." I offer my sincere apologies for my (behavior) and I only ask for a second chance. "

El Bahnasawy also used the letter to outline his struggle with addiction and mental illness, including various trips to hospital psychiatric departments and rehabilitation centers. He said he was a month in a psychiatric ward in Kuwait and eight months in the rehab clinic in Egypt. Reports from the Court show that he also spent time at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

"I want to experience life, away from drugs and away from war and violence," he wrote.

He wrote that he wondered where he would be if someone who knew about his plans had encouraged him to find a more productive way to combat the injustices he saw in the world.

The lawyers of the young man asked in a statement that when writing in the package court to impose a sentence "no greater than necessary to comply with (the law)."

They suggested that his release coincide with "the beginning of Abdulrahmans in the mid-twenties when his cognitive development will be complete."

El The penalty session of Bahnasawy is scheduled for 9 April.

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