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People just stormed an Ikea in Toronto to protest animal skin rugs

A group of animal rights activists has done even more traumatic at Ikea this weekend by protesting at the shop in North York of the Swedish store.

Video footage of the demonstration shows about a dozen protesters carrying signs through the vast warehouse and showroom – some with dead and bloody animals.

“Ikea! Shame on you because you sell the skins of cows, the real skins of sheep!” calls one of the leaders of the protest at the beginning of the video.

“You are a progressive company? You sell vegan food? You have won prizes for your synthetic materials?” she continues. “How dare you sell the skin of real cows and real sheep! This is disgusting!”

Protesters started walking around the store and chanted things like “IKEA has blood on his hands!” and “Animals do not want to die!”

Their main concern, as the signs and chants suggest, is Ikea’s use of animal skins to create and sell decorative carpets.

“The use of animals as purely decorative items is not only cruel, but ignores the harmful environmental impact of animal husbandry,” said organizer Roman Thompson in a release and noted that the company is proud that it is environmentally friendly.

Police were called to Ikea in response to the protest, according to Jenny McQueen a known animal rights activist and coordinator for Direct Action Everywhere Toronto .

Thompson starts a petition, according to McQueen, and says he will encourage other cities to protest against Ikea until the company has changed its animal feather and skin policy.

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