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White House pressed to spare Canada on tariffs

King said trade deals should be aimed at discouraging Chinese dumping – not hitting the whole world.

"You want to do this kind of thing with a scalpel – not a chainsaw," King told NBC.

To apply the tariffs, the US relies on a seldom used clause in a 1962 trade law that allows the president to declare tariffs if required by national security. The White House argues that the wording is broad and that national security can also encompass employment and economic stability of the domestic steel industry

"I do not think we should block Canadian steel in the name of national security, are annoying, you know They are too cute, but we are not afraid of a war with Canada, "King said.

Every crowd of the big weekly American talk shows brought the Canadian perspective closer.

Fox News & # 39; s Chris Wallace asked how the White House could justify the use of a national safety requirement for the imposition of tariffs on a close NATO partner and legal member of the military-industrial complex of the US.

CNN & # 39; s Jake Tapper asked Navarro to imagine how Canada might see this: "From the perspective of Canada … Canada would say:" Exemption from national security? We fight with you in every war. "Our soldiers are standing next to your soldiers in every conflict." What possible scenario could you think of where we would not be? you provide steel and aluminum? "

But Trump's general response was that everyone should prepare for rates, and when Navarro was asked at Fox whether Trump would exclude anyone, he answered in the negative.

" That's not his decision ", Navarro replied

" As soon as he exempts countries, he must raise the tariffs for everyone As soon as he exempts a country, his telephone starts to ring from the heads of state in other countries. "

He added more details in an interview with CNN:" Canada's 40 percent of the (American aluminum) market. To exempt Canada, you have to impose large, large tariffs on everyone, so this is a measured, targeted approach. "

He was repeatedly printed on the issue of Canada in these interviews, and Navarro excluded the possibility of exempting certain industries.

The issue led to a fierce debate at the White House Last week it seemed that Trump the free traders in his office had liberated and made this announcement with the support of hawks like Navarro.

US press reports have also described that the president has felt angry and isolated in recent days.His government has been struck by resignation, quarrel and allegations of conflicts of interest with regard to the son-in-law of the president, Jared Kushner

A Republican from South Carolina called it fool

Sen. Lindsey Graham called the Volkswagen and BMW factories in his country and expressed fear of a trade war who could influence the jobs there. He said there is reason to pursue China for intellectual property and product theft tdumping, but this affects all wrong targets.

He turned directly to Trump in his interview on CBS & # 39; s & # 39; & # 39; Face The Nation. & # 39; & # 39;

& # 39; & # 39; You release China, "Graham said.

& # 39; & # 39; You punish the American consumer and our allies. You make a big mistake here. Go after China – not the rest of the world. & # 39; & # 39;

By Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press

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