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Photos, videos of abused child goes viral


By Hanah Tabios

Netizens are furious after a video of a child whose face was swollen by the pulsating online circulation, Saturday night.

  (photo of the Facebook post of the aunt of the victim

(photo of the Facebook post of the aunt of the victim)

The video, originally posted by the aunt of the child, was Saturday shared on Facebook and already has 2.4 million views and at least 80,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

In the video the child was seen answering questions from her aunt and asked her: "Anong ginawa sa iyo?" the girl replied: "… bugbog, sampal, palo" while holding back the tears and pointing to her alleged attacker, her stepmother, sitting next to her hospital bed The girl's stepmother is also reportedly a minor.

post has since become viral with netizens who sympathize with the victim, who is now recovering in a hospital from her facial injuries.

The aunt of the child first posted on Saturday an alleged x -Glowed result of the broken left arm of the child, injured after her stepmother reportedly pushed her off the stairs. Another picture showed the child with her broken arm in a sling.

In a series of Facebook messages, the biological mother of the child and her sisters-in-law called on the stepmother to stop the abuse of the child.

mother also lied to the stepmother, the biological father of the child and her former resident partner, also a minor, because she tells lies that her daughter is in good shape & # 39; while under guardianship.

Netizens now calls on government agencies to intervene.

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