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This Victorian Mansion In Canada Has Eight Bedrooms And Still Costs Less Than Your Apartment (Photos)

If you live in a big city in Canada chances are that the place you call home is an apartment with one or two bedrooms and a bathroom.

This may not be the most ideal place to live, but the center in the city is ridiculously expensive. In cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, flat living has become the norm for millennials, simply because nobody can afford a home.

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Chances are that the price of your apartment in the city is the same (if not bigger!) Cost is like a decent sized house that your parents bought a few decades ago.

But what if I would say that buying a huge large dream home was not possible at all for less than a central apartment? Pack your bags.

Via Royal LePage Atlantic

From now on there is a gigantic mansion in Victorian style for sale and you will not believe how cheap it is. With eight bedrooms, two dishwashers, a private wine cellar, a full-sized basketball court and a gigantic swimming pool. You would seriously think that only the richest of the rich could afford this place.

Via Royal LePage Atlantic

Via Royal LePage Atlantic

It can come as a surprise, but the mansion is listed as $ 395,000.

The gigantic house was originally for a price of half a million dollars. But after minimal interest the owners bought 100k.

Potential buyers now come from Dubai for a chance at this place. Maybe you start thinking that this is too good to be true and you wonder whether or not there is an advantage of using such a sample on this castle of a house.

Via Royal LePage Atlantic

Well, there is only one small reason why the house is so cheap …

Via Royal LePage Atlantic

If you want to live here, you have to move to Nova Scotia.

But seriously, who would not want to leave the city and act in that small, grubby apartment for sea air, a slower lifestyle and a house where you can sleep in a different bedroom every day of the week ?! It sounds like a paradise.

Via Royal LePage Atlantic

Via Royal LePage Atlantic

An apartment with one bedroom, a bathroom in Montreal costs about the same price as this beautiful house in the Atlantic, so there is definitely more benefits for the trade in city life than disadvantages.

Via Royal LePage Atlantic

There is no doubt that this place will be sold in no time Let's hope that more incredible houses pop up at ridiculously low prices. If that is the case, the big Canadian cities might see that everyone is leaving for the east, only for the chance of owning a luxury country house for the price of a flat.


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