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Mississauga winter crews ready for snowfall despite salt shortage

There seems to be no salt deficiency in the city of Mississauga during the preparation for the winter weather.

Landscape Ontario announced in October that three mines supplying the bulk of road salt in North America are short for contractors, but the city confirms that the shortage does not affect winter maintenance activities.

"We have a reliable supply chain of road salt by contact with a supplier and we do not expect our salt supply to be interrupted," operations director for transport and work Mickey Frost said.

Landscape Ontario mentions the ice storm in April 2018 as a possible cause of depletion of salt reserves. & # 39; The world's largest salt mine in Goderich, Ont. a labor strike that reduced production. But for the city, it is business as usual in its plans for the snow removal of winter.

City crews will clean up roads, cycle paths, sidewalks and other urban infrastructure throughout the winter after snowfall. Major roads and street lanes on the street are given the first priority for tidying up so that vehicles can travel for emergencies and transit. Residential roads, priority sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bus stops and designated multi-purpose roadside lanes are in second place. If the snow is less than eight centimeters, roads and cycle paths are salted on the street. If snowfall is more than eight centimeters, they are plowed.

Roads of residential areas, priority sidewalks and bus stops are emptied within 24 to 36 hours after the end of the snowfall. Roads in residential areas have not been cleared for bare paving, they have been cleared to make them passable and safe for emergency vehicles, snow packages can be left behind after crews clear the way.

The city clears about 5,600 kilometers of roads and street bikes. 1,600 kilometers of priority sidewalks, 3,400 bus stops, 90 kilometers of multifunctional routes and more than 1,000 pedestrian crossings every winter.

The use of road salt is limited on the basis of weather monitoring and on-board technology on salt trucks to maintain road safety and limit the impact of salt on the environment.

Residents can help by removing parked cars, rubbish and recycling bins from residential roads during snowfall, so that snow plows can clear the streets. Temporary parking permits will be suspended during snow clearance.

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