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Ontario government cancels French university and Toronto

Sorry, Francophones: Doug Ford announced on Thursday that it was deleting the plans of the province to open the first French-speaking university in Toronto .

The decision of the Prime Minister was part of the release of his tax roadmap. for the remainder of the year, including other controversial decisions such as rent control and the dismantling of the Ontario Place Corporation .

Ford has met today with Quebec's new Prime Minister François Legault who said he was "disappointed" with Ford's decision.

Franco-ontarians and French speakers throughout the country – including Canada's most famous Francophone, Justin Trudeau – also weighed on Ford's decisions.

Kathleen Wynne & # 39; s Government of Ontario had her plans for an exclusive French language university announced last year, catering to the rapidly growing French-speaking population of the province (the largest in Canada outside of Quebec).

The intention was to finally open the university somewhere in the center of Toronto, possibly somewhere in the development of East Waterfront.

Ford cited the province's $ 15 billion deficit as a reason for cutting back on the university, as did last month's decision to raise [194590] money for three university expansions .

But more disturbing than the axing of the French-speaking university is the plans of the province for the position of a French language services commissioner, whose task is to ensure that the government adheres to the French language services law.

Many had hoped that the spirit of Ford could be changed during today's meeting with Legault, but apparently the Prime Minister refused the decision to reverse.
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