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  Suburbs redesigned

Mimicking suburbs is one thing, but Peel Region is actively redesigning the proliferation west of Toronto by adhering to the urban design principles of the 21st century.

Peel has especially emphasized the health of residents. 19659003] "For Canadians, the typical suburbs where they live today focus on separate use and low density – you keep your private life separate from everything," Lawrence Loh, medical employee of health for Peel Public Health. "Low density occupies a larger space and although it is the Canadian dream, it creates more car traffic, and what we are working on here at Peel, and encouraging other people to think about, is how to retrofit." [19659003] That means creating a more cohesive community by stimulating more physical activity, "where, hopefully, they live, work and work, play," Loh added. "They can access different uses with a much more manageable human side."

Council in Peel Region set up the Healthy Development Assessment last year and did not waste time studying the ways in which all sorts of developments affect the health of people living and working there. One aspect that Peel Region has looked at is narrower roads that actually create more pedestrian-friendly environments.

"It has a whole list of components around active transport, green space and making them part of proposed developments rather than just looking at zoning plans and building a certain way," Loh said. "It is also about facilities to ensure that people can get the most out of where they live."

The timing can not be better. As more residents of Toronto struggle with affordability problems and move away from the core to the edge of the GTA, initiatives such as the evaluation of healthy development can make the compromise for better exercise.

"My typical customer leaves from the center and expands his search," said Daniel Johanis, a mortgage broker at Rock Capital Investments. "Going to the outskirts of the city is a compromise that is largely based on affordability, but I notice that customers are attracted to condos that are built around mixed-use areas." There is more a push to neighborhoods that have more amenities that are habitable. and walkable. "

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