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Is Home Ownership In Your Future Plan? 3 Things To Pay Attention To Now

# 3. GOOD ADVICE Everyone knows someone who has bought a house. And everyone is willing to share their experiences. Advice from that trusted person who has been there, done that is to be applauded, but must also be vetted. After all, it is possible that Uncle Joe does not

Does location top style when buying real estate? Survey says…

We interviewed the pros … We have asked a panel of RE / MAX sales representatives from all over Canada to ask their opinion what is most important when buying property: style or location? From the perspective of resale, an attractive location is the key "Your house is not an

Celebrity tips to kick up your home’s curb appeal

Dave Depencier says … As a homeowner you can choose a lot when it comes to outside columns. Although some may view it as just a structural item needed to support a part of your home, it can actually change the look of your home and make it attractive. The