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7 reasons to consider downtown living

Special houses. Although houses in suburbs are typically new and beautiful, they are also classified as "cookie cutter" designs. If you appreciate a house with history – and often some unusual quirks – living in the city might be something for you. As they say, they certainly do not make

Real Estate Myths and Truths: QUIZ

Although the purchase price is the main focus for the majority of home buyers, closing costs can be added anywhere between 1.5 and 4 percent on top of the price of the house. Budget for legal and administrative costs, home inspection, mortgage insurance when down payments are less than 20

Does location top style when buying real estate? Survey says…

We interviewed the pros … We have asked a panel of RE / MAX sales representatives from all over Canada to ask their opinion what is most important when buying property: style or location? From the perspective of resale, an attractive location is the key "Your house is not an

The Great Debate: Should you buy or rent a home?

It is a question that most Canadians ask themselves at a certain moment in their lives: do you have to buy or rent a house? Those who take the rental route often wonder if they are wasting money. Meanwhile, those who buy may wonder whether their investment will or will

3 strategies for the move-up buyer

If everything is said and done, this emergence-buyer approach is the most ideal, but to get there is another story. Matching the closing dates of your purchase and sale can be tricky. Remember that there are three dancers in this tango – you, the person you buy from and the

How much will it cost to buy a home?

Buying a house is a big investment – probably the biggest you will ever earn. The cost of buying a house must be carefully considered in order to avoid the risk of financial difficulties in the future. Because this decision has a big impact on your wallet, we want to

Should you rent, or should you buy?

It is a question that most Canadians wonder about at some point in their lives. Those who choose to rent often wonder if they are wasting money. Those who buy may wonder whether their investment is worthwhile or not in the long run. Although it is clear that the ownership