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CONDO FEES: Here's what you need to know

Your condo costs are divided into three main categories: utilities, common areas and the reserve fund. Let's take a look. Part of your condom goes to tools such as water, hydropower and sometimes heat – but this is not always the case. Most brand new apartment buildings are now being

Top 5 Reasons Condo Ownership Is Awesome

The ownership of an apartment has increased rapidly in urban centers throughout Canada. According to the census of 2016 almost 1.9 million condominiums were occupied by Canadians. And in the time between 2016 and today, you can bet that this number has increased for a number of reasons. Affordability plays

Considerations (and Expectations) for your Live/Work Space

LIFESTYLE Working from home is a number of great advantages that can not be denied, such as flexibility and autonomy; cost savings (since you do not have to rent separate office space!) and tax benefits; and no time spent (read: wasted!) sitting in the rush hour. If your career situation

Is Home Ownership In Your Future Plan? 3 Things To Pay Attention To Now

# 3. GOOD ADVICE Everyone knows someone who has bought a house. And everyone is willing to share their experiences. Advice from that trusted person who has been there, done that is to be applauded, but must also be vetted. After all, it is possible that Uncle Joe does not

7 reasons to consider downtown living

Special houses. Although houses in suburbs are typically new and beautiful, they are also classified as "cookie cutter" designs. If you appreciate a house with history – and often some unusual quirks – living in the city might be something for you. As they say, they certainly do not make

Real Estate Myths and Truths: QUIZ

Although the purchase price is the main focus for the majority of home buyers, closing costs can be added anywhere between 1.5 and 4 percent on top of the price of the house. Budget for legal and administrative costs, home inspection, mortgage insurance when down payments are less than 20

Does location top style when buying real estate? Survey says…

We interviewed the pros … We have asked a panel of RE / MAX sales representatives from all over Canada to ask their opinion what is most important when buying property: style or location? From the perspective of resale, an attractive location is the key "Your house is not an