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The reason single Canadians aren’t buying real estate

Some Canadian homebuyers are financially savvy, with modest debt levels relative to the national average, according to RE / MAX's recent single-buyers report . Although it is understandable that two incomes can make buying real estate easier (and less intimidating!), There is still reason to consider investing in a solo

Save Money with the RE/MAX MAXPERX Program

A new house comes with costs. Many of them. Costs in advance, closing costs, book value – read all about here HERE . And you have not even thought about all the other things you need once you have the keys, to get from the house at home & #

5 simple ways to save more money in 2019

Do you want to know how you can save money this year? A good first step to building your savings account is to reduce your cost of living. Whether your saving goals are a down payment on a house, an emergency fund, you want to save for your pension, or