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Single home buyers hesitant to purchase, despite strong financial means and low debt

Twenty-six percent of single Canadians are considering buying a home themselves, with Atlantic Canada as the leader of the platoon at 34 percent. Fifty-two percent of Canadians said that economic uncertainty and expensive house prices are the biggest. biggest factors that influence their decision not to buy a house themselves

Save Money with the RE/MAX MAXPERX Program

A new house comes with costs. Many of them. Costs in advance, closing costs, book value – read all about here HERE . And you have not even thought about all the other things you need once you have the keys, to get from the house at home & #

Buying a Home? New Tools on Give Consumers Convenience and a Competitive Edge

Thanks to modern technology and the changing consumer landscape, buying a house now starts online. For this you can thank the convenience and the immediate satisfaction of the internet. Those who have already started buying a house know that the competition can be fierce. Hesitation, or even one missed call

RE/MAX 2019 Housing Market Outlook

British Columbia Reduced activity from foreign buyers has created more opportunities for local buyers in the Greater Vancouver condom market. While average house prices for all properties rose by two percent, from $ 1,030,829 in 2017 to $ 1,049,362 in 2018, the number of sales fell by 30 percent. The