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Curb appeal tips from Carson Arthur

The right light Without the right lighting, even the most beautiful house is not visible. "Outdoor lighting in the front yard can make a big difference", says Arthur. "Buyers drive past houses after work! Make your home stand out by highlighting the best features with directional lighting." In addition to

Tips for taking great listing photos

Podium your home. CUSTOMIZE your space before you start to cut photos with lists. It is best to do this early because it may take some time and will be important for impressions. Declutter and ensure that the furniture is in good condition, well scaled and arranged in a visually

Real Estate Myths and Truths: QUIZ

Although the purchase price is the main focus for the majority of home buyers, closing costs can be added anywhere between 1.5 and 4 percent on top of the price of the house. Budget for legal and administrative costs, home inspection, mortgage insurance when down payments are less than 20

Does location top style when buying real estate? Survey says…

We interviewed the pros … We have asked a panel of RE / MAX sales representatives from all over Canada to ask their opinion what is most important when buying property: style or location? From the perspective of resale, an attractive location is the key "Your house is not an

3 strategies for the move-up buyer

If everything is said and done, this emergence-buyer approach is the most ideal, but to get there is another story. Matching the closing dates of your purchase and sale can be tricky. Remember that there are three dancers in this tango – you, the person you buy from and the